Brieanna Quinn
Director of Marketing/Communications and Development

While summer is a great time for family traditions, vacations and play, it is also a great time to stay in and get caught up on learning for children of all ages.

Here are five activities you can do to promote learning this summer:

  1. Get a library card. We have some great libraries in Indianapolis and it’s free to get a library card if you don’t already have one. Beyond checking out books and media, the library offers a lot of free events for adults, children and families. Next week they are offering events such as “Robots After Noon in the Learning Curve,” “Animal Shows With Silly Safaris,” and a “Teen Zine Making Workshop.” Be sure to bookmark their events page and stay updated on each library branch’s great, free learning events this summer.
  2. Explore Nature. With beautiful days ahead, there is a lot of learning that can take place in your own backyard. Learn about bugs, plants, trees and space. If you don’t have a backyard, head to a park or consider registering for low-cost or free events such as Nature Play Days. Here is a listing of events you can sign up to attend. 
  3. Go on college tours. Your child doesn’t have to be in high school or even middle school to visit a college campus such as Butler University or IUPUI. Show your child what a campus looks like and let them ask questions. You can also use this time to chat with your child about what they want for their future. It is never too early to start exploring career pathways.
  4. Get out on the town. Visit a planetarium such as the Holcomb Observatory and Planetarium at Butler University. No matter your child’s age, they can learn about space and telescopes. Visit a museum. Museums are filled with history and culture—a great place for learning. Indianapolis has a lot of free options for museums.
  5. Take the pledge to read 20 minutes a day. Reading for just 20 minutes a day expands vocabulary, fuels creativity and improves academic performance.

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