5 things to know about ILEARN

Current Events & News | 04/17/2019

Kayla Mattas
Marketing and Communications Manager

ILEARN (Indiana Learning Evaluation Assessment Readiness Network) is just a few weeks away and we know some questions are looming about this test and how it differs from ISTEP.  ILEARN was developed in collaboration with teachers to help measure student growth and achievement on Indiana Academic Standards. The guiding principles of this test, according to the IDOE website, are “Student centered, accessible, transparent, Indiana-aligned, evidence-based, and technically sound.”

 So, what does that mean for your kids prepping for the test? Here are five things to know about ILEARN:

  1. ILEARN has ditched the paper and pencils. So, while your child doesn’t need that infamous No.2 pencil for testing this year, don’t forget the earbuds. Students will need headphones or earbuds compatible with the individual school’s equipment to take the test. If you’re not sure what type of headphones you need or if your school will provide them or not, reach out to your individual school.
  2. ILEARN is flexible. Schools are not required to administer the same test segments on the same days to all students in a grade level. This means, schools have more flexibility for scheduling these tests. ILEARN is also untimed, allowing more flexible times for students who need it.
  3. No skipping around. ILEARN questions are adaptable. A question response determines the following question for an individual student. This means your child can mark a question for review and go back to it within a segment but can’t skip questions
  4. Calculators, even as an accommodation for students with a 504 plan or an IEP, are not allowed for grades 3-5. Instead, students in grades 3-5 who have a listed accommodation need will be allowed to use a hundreds chart.
  5. Results from the test should come quickly.  Next year, individual student results will be posted in as little as two weeks The results from this year will be delivered in August. This test should provide more detailed reports compared to past standardized tests as well.

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