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Current Events & News | 12/29/2021

Irma Perdomo
IPS parent

Imagine not being able to communicate with your children's teacher or school. You wouldn't know if your child was struggling, or being bullied, or about important health and safety updates. This is a problem many families in Indianapolis face every day. 

 I often support IPS families who need help bridging the language gap, but I am only one person. It's time for IPS to provide language justice — the right everyone has to communicate in the language they feel most comfortable — to students and their families. 

 Stand for Children Indiana has made this issue a top priority and will continue to advocate on behalf of non-English speaking families in the next year — with your generosity and support.  

Please consider making a donation to Stand Indiana today to support this movement for language justice. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.  


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