Students Need Real-Life Learning Experiences

Access to High-Quality Schools, Early Childhood Education, Parent & Family Engagement | 03/20/2018

Judith Fleurimond
Stand for Children Indiana Volunteer

As a parent and education advocate, I believe URBAN ACT Academy can and will provide the requirements to change the academic performances of my children as well as other students attending IPS school 14.

The URBAN ACT Academy program is specifically designed to meet each student’s needs on their educational level and challenge them to learn new things, while assessing factors that inhibit their growth.

The model is also based on creating a connection with the students in a way that will help them to transition from one subject to another and connect students to real life experiences. I believe this model has a realistic approach that will get students to better understand how education applies to everyday life.

Ms. Nigena Livingston, who runs the URBAN ACT Academy, is a force behind producing great teachers. Her talents and skills have been shown through the data and the student’s growth in their academic performances.

She has spent most of her time in the classroom helping teachers master their skills to help their students. Through her model she emphasized the importance of providing professional development sessions and training that will create a positive cultural environment for both teachers and students.

I am really impressed with her devotion to have parents involved and be a part of their children’s education. She's allowing time to meet parents one-on-one to hear about their concerns and their children's needs.

I had the chance to meet Ms. Livingston one-on-one and talked to her personally with her about my concerns which shows her commitment toward my children's learning.

I truly believe Ms. Livingston and her model for the URBAN ACT academy program will change the lives of the students at school 14.

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