I Want Innovation for My Children

Access to High-Quality Schools, Parent & Family Engagement | 11/27/2017

LaPorsha Mitchell
IPS Parent Advocate

LaPorsha Mitchell is a Stand for Children Parent Advocate and Volunteer

By LaPorsha Mitchell  

My name is LaPorsha Mitchell and I'm an IPS parent of 3, and also a Stand for Children member. I stand for children because I believe that all children matter—no matter their color, size, appearance, or abilities.

Let me first say that I wish there was no such thing as a failing school. But my children attend IPS school #14 and it is a failing school.

I believe a turnaround for school 14 would be great. The opportunity to improve the school and help its students after years and years of failing should no longer be delayed.

Change is good, and I believe innovation is what it will take to bring school 14 from an “F” school to an “A” school and that it will positively impact everyone involved. I believe bringing innovation inside school 14 will be empowering for parents, teachers and students!

Over the past few months, I have been a part of a parent committee with Stand for Children that has looked at possible schools that should be considered worth replicating. We have visited a number of schools, analyzed test scores and measured performance. Me and many other parents have taken a long, hard look at what school models would be the best to replicate in IPS #14.

We visited a school by the name of Paramount School of Excellence, and it blew my mind. I now know what a good school looks, sounds, smells and feels like.

The programs that they provide for the students are amazing, giving each student a chance to engage and become interested in school and activities. The school features a parent center and student service resources that all schools should try to replicate.

I want school 14 to become a school like Paramount with good programs, high academic expectations and passing test scores. And I know that it can be done.

We are in a neighborhood of all colors. And no matter race, ability or circumstance, all children should receive the best education possible, in a great environment, with organization and stability.

Paramount works with nearly the same percentage of children of color and the same percentage of students living in poverty. But their results are so much better than School 14.

I believe by making school 14 an innovation school and allowing Paramount full operational autonomy, this can be a groundbreaking opportunity for my kids and hundreds more like them.

By creating the same environment, the same type of classrooms, the uniform code and the same focus on curriculum, I believe school 14 can reach new heights and bring a better education to our babies.

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