Yori Enamorado
IPS Parent Advocate

Yori is a IPS Parent Advocate and Stand UP graduate.

By Yori Enamorado

My name is Yori Enamorado and I am the parent of 2 IPS 94 students who are in 4th grade. This is the 1st school year my children have been to an IPS school. Before this year they were in a Washington Township school, and I have seen the tremendous differences between these schools.

I also recently joined a committee with Stand for Children that is researching school models and programs across Indianapolis that are doing well with educating African-American, Latino, and low-income students like Paramount, IPS School 87 and School 93. This has been a great experience because it has given me a chance to reflect on my children’s current and previous schools and compare what these high performing schools are doing to teach and support kids like mine.

Recently, I spoke out for the first time by standing up at an IPS school board meeting. I was very nervous and anxious speaking in public, but I know that it’s important for parents like me to stand up and share the issues that I think are important for them to hear.

I have noticed things in school 94 that we can use additional support with right now. One is the need for more technology for students and staff. How is that we can expect the teachers to teach and support students doing online assessments like Vimme Learning and Lexia if they don’t have the proper technology in the classrooms?

Teachers also have limited resources to other things that they need like books, equipment, and materials. We know that there are schools that are excelling with educating kids like ours, and in communities like ours, so I want to be sure IPS can fill any gaps in our school resources so that our kids can succeed at the same level.

I have also noticed that teachers need more coaching on how to best handle behavior issues with students. I know it is difficult to deal with a student who has disabilities, and teachers might find the only solution is to send them to the principal’s office. But too often children are getting suspended in these situations over issues that could have been handled better and differently.

I want to be sure that every kid’s school gets the same supports and resources that other schools in IPS receive. Knowing that those resources will be there gives me, as a parent, hope that school 94 can and will get better. I know our kids can do it!

Also, there is a need for more Latino translation support staff in the building for families when they come into the school. I am a bilingual parent and when I can help a staff member, I do. But it is frustrating to us as parents when the school cannot provide someone who can communicate with us, or someone who can translate what our concerns are.        

Finally, I want to ask any IPS parent to do what I have decided to do – use your voice! We can only improve our education system if we get involved, voice our concerns and tell our stories.

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