I Support the New IPS High School Plan

Access to High-Quality Schools, College & Career Readiness, Current Events & News | 09/12/2017

Latrice Wade

Latrice is an IPS parent of three kids and Stand for Children supporter

My name is Latrice Wade and I am the mother of three children currently enrolled in the IPS school system. I have worked at Arsenal Tech high school and currently work as an EDGE Youth worker through the John Boner neighborhood center serving children in its afterschool program at IPS school 14.

I want to let the IPS school board know that I support the IPS high school plan and I believe that these schools can offer our kids a focus and a foundation that allows them to decide what type of college or career they want to pursue and gives them skills to succeed after graduation.

In fact, I attended Richard’s career academy growing up in Chicago focusing on hospitality management. I worked in that industry for many years after high school before finding my place working with and helping our community and our kids.

In my time working at Arsenal Tech, I also had the chance to see the technology and focus of its academies and was impressed with how students can pursue their dreams in all different kinds of professions. To me, this is a great idea and one worth my support as an IPS parent.

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