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Marketing and Communications Director

David is Marketing and Communications Director for Stand Indiana

The new IPS plan to academically and financially reinvigorate the IPS high-school system will bring renewed success to a struggling school system. College and career-themed education  academies will create more college and career pathways and provide them to all high-school students across IPS. Today, only a few have that choice.

Ask IPS School Board Members: Support IPS Plan to Fix Our Struggling High Schools

With a graduation rate of 91 percent for those enrolled in similar career and technical education (CTE) programs in the IPS district, ensuring that these career-focused classes are available to all students is the right path for improving the IPS high school experience.

States and cities across the country have already moved to this new high school model and are experiencing a renewed interest in education from students who can get hands-on experience and choose a course of study that interests them. West Virginia has already found success with this new vision.

CTE programs will lead to better achievement and graduate success. Attending a CTE high school improved on-time graduation rates and increased the probability of students successfully completing the college preparatory mathematics sequence of algebra I, algebra II, and geometry, according to a Department of Education study.

Go to www.betterIPShighschools.org and tell IPS school board members you support this new high school plan and they should too.

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