Stand Parents Testify on Immigrant Resolution

Current Events & News, Parent & Family Engagement | 02/27/2017

Cesar Roman

Cesar organizes Indiana parents to stand up for their children's education and create change through people power.

As an organizer for Stand for Children Indiana, nothing inspires me more than to see a mom or a dad discover the most powerful tool they have -- their voice – in working to build a better life for their kids. But these last few weeks, the pride I have in the IPS families we work with was taken to a new level, when I witnessed immigrant parents – sometimes at great personal risk – stand up for other undocumented families and speak to the fear our children are facing in this current political climate.

Last night, thanks to the voices of brave parents like Evelyn, the IPS board passed a resolution making clear the districts intentions to protect and welcome immigrant students.

Below is the testimony Evelyn gave to the IPS board, which voted unanimously on the resolution supporting immigrant families and students.


Good evening to everyone present!

I want you to know that I am very grateful for the adoption of this resolution in support of Latino families.

Our current government has made us vulnerable because we have no legal status in this country. I understand what the president does to protect the country on the basis of national security. But for our little students, we need to take away the fear they feel when hearing the news, and seeing that their parents run the risk of being deported to their countries for living in U.S. illegally.

For the tranquility of our children, I ask for a little understanding and support for the Latino families, who live and work honestly, supporting our children who need their parents.  We want them to continue studying, to someday graduate and become contributors to this country, for which we have made our "New Home".

We are confident that this will be the beginning of a great effort to achieve better and new services for Latino students.

Thank you.

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