ISTEP panel's assessment proposal is solid

College & Career Readiness, Current Events & News | 11/29/2016

Kevin Gray
Marketing & Communications Director

Kevin joined Stand for Children Indiana as Marketing & Communications Director in June 2016.

Stand for Children Indiana released the following statement in support of the ISTEP panel’s recommendations for an improved assessment system:

“The ISTEP panel this morning provided a solid roadmap for repairing a long-broken testing system,” said Stand Indiana executive director Justin Ohlemiller. “The call for a single, end-of-year testing window will minimize interruptions to classroom instruction and provide for a more accurate assessment of student performance and acquired skills. Additionally, the recommendation to engage teachers in grading some of the test’s applied skill items is something we hope is implemented in the near future. It’s very important that those who are educating our students be more involved in the assessment process.

“Lastly, we appreciate the focus on improving implementation of the state’s next generation assessment. One of the many downfalls of the current ISTEP has been the glitches in administration of the test, as well as the multiple months it’s taken to get assessment results to schools and families. In order for the assessment to help inform decisions and improve opportunities for children, the scores and data must be delivered in a much timelier and user-friendly fashion.”

All but two members of the 23-member panel voted in favor of the recommendations, which will be sent to lawmakers for consideration.

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