IPS unified enrollment a no brainer, right?

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Kevin Gray
Marketing & Communications Director

Kevin joined Stand in June 2016 as its Indiana Marketing & Communications Director.

Imagine a mom with four children in Indianapolis Public Schools – one in elementary school, two in middle school and one starting high school. She’s got a lot on her plate.

She has a house to clean, the laundry’s piling up, her car’s transmission is almost shot, her eighth grader is sick and needs to see the doctor, her employer – one of her employers – needs her to work a double shift Saturday, the rent’s due tomorrow, her daughter needs help with math homework and dinner’s on the stove.

Also, it’s time to enroll her kids for the next school year

Like every parent, she wants better for her babies. She doesn’t want them collapsing into a chair after a 15-hour day. She doesn’t want them worried about what troubles will come with the next sunrise. She knows that next to their health and safety, their education is most important. She wants them to have it easier than she.

Each of her kids has special talents, unique interests, individual challenges and one has special needs.

After the kids go to bed, she sits down at her kitchen table and stares wearily at a pile of school applications – more than 50 in total. She’s eliminated a few, but there are still dozens to consider. She’s bone tired, but she’s got important decisions to make tonight

She doesn’t have time to visit each school. She asks friends and family for their input.  She Googles the schools. She looks on Facebook. She made some calls during her breaks today. She depends on gut feeling.

It’s 2016, there has to be a better way. Right?

What if this mom could get on her phone, go to a website, type in her address and immediately get details on all of the schools in her service area? What if this website had all the information like graduation rates, ISTEP pass rates, special academic programs, transportation specifics, information on school leaders? What if she could fill out only one application for each child that would be sent to every charter, innovation, neighborhood and magnet school within the IPS boundary?

Thursday night, a workgroup consisting of parents, educators and concerned citizens met downtown to discuss a unified enrollment plan – Enroll Indy. They aired frustrations and concerns. They suggested solutions. They bragged about their kids – one of whom is headed to Purdue in the fall on a full scholarship.

They were cautiously optimistic about this “better way.”

A web-based tool to eliminate guesswork, match students with the best schools and save precious time.

It’s a no brainer, right?

We at Stand for Children Indiana and much of the community hope so.

Stay tuned…

Learn more about Enroll Indy and upcoming meeting dates at www.enrollindy.org.




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