Stand UP Celebrates 94 New Graduates

Parent & Family Engagement | 06/13/2016

Kevin Gray
Marketing and Communications Director

June 1, 2016 was an important day for Stand for Children.

As most know, that day marked the 20th anniversary of a rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. that brought together more than 300,000 parents, educators, students and others to Stand for Children. That watershed moment gave birth to Stand for Children and the mission we work so passionately to advance every day.

Enormous events like that rally indeed make waves, but it’s the ripples from engagement with individuals in local communities that create a long-lasting sea change. Stand University for Parents  – Stand UP – is a program that drives this type of engagement. An eight-week family engagement program, it focuses on actionable steps parents can immediately take to get involved in their children’s academics and to ensure their children are on track to college.On June 1, while all of Stand looked back at our history, we at Stand for Children Indiana celebrated the futures of our newest Stand UP graduating class. All of the hard work of 94 caring, concerned and committed adults culminated in Stand UP graduation ceremony – a celebration held to celebrate their accomplishments. Stand UP’s 94 newest graduates are:

IPS 15
Luis Alonso-Mejia, Sebastian Baltazar, Daphion Burns, Miguel Carillo, Sidia Castro-Maradel, Dorsey  Futch, Lisa Hardy, Tina Harris, Carmen Hernandez, Jennifer Lezema-Pastor, Magdalena Manuel, Kimberly Mendoza, Crystal Molina, Jose Luis Molina-Clemente, Nancy Morales, Debra Pasha, Yvonne White.

IPS 51
Clearcy Anderson, Aaron Brown, Josefina Bueso, Joy Bush, Manuel Davila, Teresa Dragstrem, Sonya Ortiz-Angeles, Natasha Sanders, Pamela Wilson, Sheylettia Wilson, Canielle Winch.

IPS 94
Mirna Avila, Jennifer Davis, Maria Del Rocio, Tina Flynn, Marceille Henby, Jessica Hobson, Rosa Janes, Brandy Moistner, Patricia Moran, Torcias Guadalupe Moreno, Antwain Mosley, Anita Munn, Latoya Murry, Milly Perez, Delia Perez, Katonga Radford, Desirae Sullivan, Denice Willoughby.   

Stand UP Associates Program Graduates

IPS 14
Nichole Burcham, Lilly Burcham, William David Patterson, Latrice Wade, Melanie Carmichael, Summer Bromm, Gerald Schmidt III, Rebecca Squires, Monica McGee, Veronica Estrada, Angela Moraga, Lindsee Davis, Jennifer Jackson, Asria Henderson, Jaleesa Huggins, Patricia Riddle.

John Marshall/Community Alliance of the Far Eastside (CAFÉ)
Jeffrey Alexander, Margaret Clay, Fred Copeland, Tawana Davis, Latasha Edmonson, Marshall Edwards, Tabitha Edwards, Yolonda Feemster, Tamika Gibson, Vera Gibson, Linda Hagger, Monique Hagger, Marsha Harris-Cannonier, Jerome Howard Clay, Tierra Smith, Wilfred Swift.

IPS School 43/MLK Community Center
Calvin Bailey Sr., Twiggy Bullock, Myleena Davis, Ty Davis, Seretha Edwards, Eugene Garner, La’Gena Gilder-Hill, Earnestine Havvard, Latasha Jenkins, Anthony Lawrence, Georgia Myles, Ariel Starks, Barbara Starks, LaKeisha Teague, Nina Willis, Rosemary VanHorn.

These newly empowered graduates have already begun to impact their communities, and in the end, their choice to invest in themselves and their education of the youth in their communities, will create change that will last a lifetime.

Congratulations to all of our 2016 Stand UP graduates!


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