Why I Stand for Indiana Students

Parent & Family Engagement, Who We Are | 05/27/2016

Eugenia Murray
Parent member

Eugenia is a Stand parent member and mother of 3 IPS students.

On this 20th anniversary of Stand for Children, I want to share my Stand story and encourage other parents to get involved in this movement that began in 1996.

I was a graduate of Stand University for Parents (Stand UP) and became a member of Stand for Children Indiana in 2014. Since then, my voice for advocacy and student development has overwhelmingly flourished.  

I am proud to be part of such an important organization that stands and fights for quality education for all children. Stand has helped empower me as a parent and advocate, and has helped lead me to a broader understanding of the challenges our children face and how to develop a strong voice in our educational system. The abundance of knowledge and awareness I have acquired along the way has been phenomenal.

Stand has helped me realize my function as a stakeholder in our education community, and I have such a greater understanding of the importance of parental involvement – a vital piece in our children’s educational achievements. I am thankful for the continued mentoring and tools gained as I navigate my own children through their educational journey. 

As a mother of three, I have used my voice to fight for change in my own children’s once failing school. Stand stood with me before the Indianapolis Public School Board of Commissioners as I demanded quality education and a turnaround option for my children’s school. The fight was undoubtedly long and challenging, but in the end victorious. Our school received a much needed turnaround program and is now a high performing school that my children and neighbors are proud to have in our community!

I find it essential to continue fighting for children to receive a quality education across my Indiana state. Stand continues to support my efforts, and I continue to participate in Stand for Children initiatives – lending my support and voice where growth and turnarounds are needed in our struggling schools. Together we are the key to changing failing schools and helping to lead our students to success and achievements found only by receiving a quality education.

I am appreciative for the opportunity to be a part of Stand for Children Indiana! 

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