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Access to High-Quality Schools | 03/09/2016

Karen Hensley
Mayor's Office of Education Innovation Community Engagement Manager

Karen manages the GreatSchools initiative as well as the OEI website, social media, and communications strategy.

The Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation partners with GreatSchools to provide the GreatSchools Indianapolis School Guide each year to help parents make that critical choice of which K-12 school their child should attend.  The school information is also available on the GreatSchools website.

Each year, we survey parents to find out if the School Guide and website have the information they need to choose the right school.  You can help!  If you have a child attending school in Indianapolis, please take 5 minutes to answer our survey.

On March 15th, we will select three survey respondents to win a $100 gift card.  Please help us improve the GreatSchools Indianapolis resources for parents!

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