Bill creates framework to bolster teacher pay

Teachers & Principals | 02/23/2016

Kate Shepherd Marketing & Communications Director

Kate Shepherd is the Marketing & Communications Director for Stand for Children Indiana.

Stand for Children Indiana’s Executive Director Justin Ohlemiller released the following statement on today’s Indiana Senate passage of House Bill 1005, which establishes a career pathways and mentorship program for Hoosier teachers. Provided the House of Representatives concurs with today’s 38-11 vote in the Senate, the bill will head to the governor’s desk for consideration:

“We applaud the legislature for its leadership to incentivize school districts to create career ladders for great teachers in our communities. The data is clear – nothing impacts student achievement more than quality classroom instruction. So it’s incumbent on our school communities to retain tremendous educators and give them opportunities to grow in their profession, hopefully without feeling like they have to leave the classroom for administrative roles. This bill creates a framework to grant additional pay to high-performing teachers to take on additional leadership roles and mentor their peers – all the while advancing their careers as classroom educators.

“In this year of debate around teacher shortages, we believe HB 1005 is a solid step toward doing more to attract and retain teacher talent. Now, the focus for state leaders needs to be on funding this program in the next budget cycle so this great idea can grow into a difference-maker for students across our state.”

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