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Access to High-Quality Schools | 12/15/2015

Jason Johnson
Stand Indiana Parent Member

Jason Johnson is the father of three children and a passionate advocate for their education.

As an involved single dad, I know what's best for my children. That’s why it’s insulting when people—especially those in power—talk down to me and act like I’m ignorant about the decisions I make to get my kids a good education.

That’s exactly what’s happening right now with one member of our Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) board, Gayle Cosby. She has posted a blog attacking me and my fellow parent advocate, Eugenia Murry. Why is she attacking us? Because we’ve stood up and said we support transforming failing schools.

This kind of change we’re talking about puts our kids first. But it also challenges the power of adults in the system, and that’s why Commissioner Cosby is on the attack.

By myself, I'm just one more disrespected parent.  That's why I'm asking you to stand with me and tell Commissioner Cosby that she needs to listen to parents who want change and want our failing schools to be turned around. Email Commissioner Cosby today!

More than half our IPS children go to D or F schools. Half our kids!  What IPS has been doing isn’t working, and we need to make it clear that we expect leaders like Gayle Cosby to offer solutions, not attack parents.


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