Meet Parents Who Are Taking a Stand

Meet Earl

Earl Scott is a single dad with two sons in IPS. He'd always been involed with his boys' education, keeping a consistent routine and helping them with their homework each evening. Earl was surprised to discover his sons' school was struggling. He decided to take a stand for his sons' future and began attending Stand for Children Indiana meetings, and enrolled in our free Stand University for Parents (Stand UP) program.

After graduating from Stand UP, Earl used the skills he learned to begin advocating for improved communication between the parents and teachers at IPS School 48. The result of Earl’s work was a doubling of annual parent-teacher conferences. There's more to be done to improve the school, and Earl continues to work on behalf of his kids and kids across Indianapolis to work toward the goal of quality schools for every Indianapolis student.

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Meet Krystale

Krystale Massey was part of a group of dedicated team of Stand Indiana IPS parents who spent the summer of 2014 advocating for changes at her children’s struggling IPS school. By organizing School 93 parents and gathering support from the school’s teachers and principal, Krystale and her team successfully persuaded IPS to bring a school turnaround model, Project:RESTORE, to their school.

Under Project: RESTORE, School 93 improved from an F-rated school to a C-rated school in one year. The momentum created by this improvement led to the school becoming an innovation network school, which allows school leaders to make even more improvements to better serve children. Krystale and her team continue to work tirelessly to see that School 93 achieves the goal of becoming an A-rated school.

See Krystale’s story.

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