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Mimi Rodman

Executive Director

Mimi Rodman is an experienced non-profit leader who believes every child deserves a fair chance at prosperity through access to a strong public education.

Since 2012, Mimi has been the Executive Director of Stand for Children Illinois. Stand is a national education advocacy non-profit dedicated to ensuring that all children, regardless of their background, graduate from high school prepared for, and with access to, college or career training.

Under Mimi’s leadership, Stand Illinois has progressed from a start-up operation to a statewide organization that has championed major policy changes, built a robust family engagement and organizing program, and is supported by an active grassroots base. She also chairs Stand’s bi-partisan state political action committee.

Recent policy accomplishments of Stand Illinois include two major bills that dismantled structural inequities in state-level school funding. The first ended a surcharge on Title I funds used to hire teachers, returning over $80M annually to classrooms serving poorer students. The second added $350M to a new evidence-based funding formula, with 74% of new funds benefiting lower-income students.

Stand’s programmatic work is carried out through partnerships with public schools in under-resourced Chicago communities. They include Every Child Reads (an early literacy program combining personalized learning and family engagement), Stand as One (a resilience and well-being initiative for parents), Stand University for Parents (professional development for parents), and the LSC Initiative (working with local school councils).

Mimi is a former partner with the law firm Kirkland & Ellis and former senior counsel of Tribune Company. She has been a board member and officer of many non-profits. Mimi earned her B.A. in public policy from the University of Chicago and J.D. from Northwestern School of Law. She and her husband Ben are proud parents of two children. Mimi is the daughter of Korean immigrants.

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