Illinois Staff

Aranda Stathers

Development and State Operations Coordinator

Aranda is a product of Virginia public schools and graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and Concordia University. Before joining Stand, Aranda’s passion for youth development and education equality and access led her to work with underserved students in rural South Africa, Cambodia, and China. She worked for non-profits in both urban and rural settings that provided students with access to the resources they needed to be successful in life – things like scholarships, programs and opportunities, academic support, personal development, etc. –  so that they can return to their communities and be the catalyst for change their communities need. In her free time, Aranda can be found buried in a book or lost on an adventure of her making.

As the Illinois Development and State Operations Coordinator, Aranda plays an integral role in all areas of Stand’s work, from finances to operations and program support.

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