Illinois Staff

Aranda Stathers

Development & State Operations Coordinator

Aranda is deeply committed to youth development and the fight against racial injustice. She brings to Stand a depth of experience accumulated from working in urban and rural settings across the world – empowering students to become catalysts to uplift their communities and uncovering what makes themselves come alive. She has significant experience in facilitating ethical leadership, social justice, and environmental-awareness programs, as well as mentoring, curriculum development, and scholarship administration. She has lived in Virginia, Italy, California, China, Cambodia, and South Africa.

Aranda has played an integral part in nearly every facet of Stand’s work. She fundraises, project manages events, handles finance and budget matters, co-leads our parent-to-educator home visit initiative, and supports our resilience and well-being work.

Aranda has a B.A. in political science in international relations from Virginia Commonwealth University and an M.A. in international development from Concordia University. She can hold her own in five languages, and she loves checking out vegetarian restaurants. When not in the office, she can be found buried in a book or lost on an adventure of her own making.

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