Illinois Staff

Aimee Galvin

Government Affairs Director

Aimee’s expertise and passion are centered around “connecting the dots” between data, policy, politics, and advocacy. This journey started at the University of Illinois where she earned her B.A. in political science, then continued to American University where she earned a master’s degree in political science with a focus in advocacy.

Applying academia to on-the-ground action, Aimee next interned with Congress, then joined the affordable healthcare fight during one of its most propitious moments. Starting as the Assistant Director of Public Policy and Advocacy for the COPD Foundation, and then promoted to Associate Director, she worked to expand patient access to quality care at the federal and state levels. Her work spanned legislative affairs, implementation, and grassroots advocacy focused on local outreach.

Thankfully for Illinois, Aimee decided to return to her home state in 2016 and join the fight for quality public education.

Now serving as Stand’s Government Affairs Director, Aimee might start the day giving public testimony and conclude it poring over spreadsheets and models. In between, you may find her working with a variety of technology platforms to help voters exercise their most fundamental right of citizenry. She helped launch and co-leads Stand’s annual policy fellowship.

Aimee loves taking on ambitious house improvement projects with her husband, as well as camping and binge-reading.

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