Dual Credit & Advanced Coursework

Half of Illinois high schools do not offer Calculus. Many do not offer Physics or languages other than Spanish. The availability of dual credit courses varies from some high schools offering none, to some offering opportunities to earn an associate’s degree at the same time as high school graduation. This is an inequity that often goes unnoticed.

There are real barriers to equitable access to advanced courses. Students in rural and small schools are especially shortchanged. In an era of teacher shortage, recruiting educators to hard-to-staff schools is an even greater challenge than usual. Through partnerships with community colleges and the Illinois virtual course catalog, students can access advanced courses and dual credit despite districts’ difficulty recruiting teachers.

Stand’s 2019-20 class of Policy Fellows will play a critical role in Stand’s evaluation of the dual credit landscape in Illinois. They will dive into the details of dual credit policy and draft a report outlining policies the State can adopt to improve access to dual credit courses.

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