Teach Kindness

Local and national news are full of stories of hate and bigotry, and our children are watching. In this time of upheaval, Stand and its partners launched Teach Kindness to make schools across the country safer, thriving learning environments for all children. By teaching kids to practice kindness on a regular basis and manage their emotions, actions, and statements, they become better equipped to navigate our complex world.

Recent research demonstrates how schools that intentionally and systematically teach kindness enhance students’ sense of safety, support, and acceptance. As a result, more students succeed in school and in life. We can prove it.

Teach Kindness is a unique collaboration among leading education organizations, distinguished teachers, and acclaimed researchers. By participating in Teach Kindness, educators gain access to research-based classroom lessons, free of charge, to make their school a kinder, more welcoming environment for students.

As their children’s first teachers, parents also have a role in teaching kindness. We provide tips and tools for families to make a game plan for kindness.

Learn more about this unique program and get your school registered at weteachkindness.org. Registration for the Fall 2019 cycle is open through November 15.


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