Stand As One

The Stand as One program is our resilience and capacity-building initiative for parents, educators, and community members. Stand as One originated on the South Side of Chicago, and its progression is a testament to the power of community organizing.

Determined to stand up for the safety of their neighborhoods and schools, parents from Bronzeville, South Shore, Washington Park, and Englewood searched for parent-driven solutions they could lead. Many participated in Stand’s family engagement programs. Several ran for Local School Councils. Others volunteered and attended community meetings. Again and again a common theme emerged: the need to address the toll that violence and trauma were taking on families and schools.

So, over a two-year period, these parents teamed with Stand to envision, develop, and now lead Stand as One. 

Stand as One begins with a Saturday retreat.

We introduce participants to an intuitive, empowering approach to quieting the mind and coping with the challenges of parenting, work, and life. Participants are guided by facilitators – fellow parents from their communities – and spend the day breaking down the social, emotional, and political walls which unknowingly dictate how we interact with the world. Ultimately, they uncover that we are all equal, resilient people. Stand as One is open to parents, educators, and community members affiliated with our partner schools. 

Principals tell us they are seeing more active and deeper parent engagement as a result of Stand as One. Parents are telling us they feel more equipped to understand their family's role in the education system and better handle day-to-day changes that life throws their direction.

For the 2019-20 school year, Saturday retreats take place monthly at host schools. Reservations are encouraged because slots fill up.

Stand members may also attend “pop-up” Stand as One events. These cover topics of importance to the communities we serve and provide opportunities to re-connect with fellow members.

For more information about Stand as One and upcoming events, contact Tommorrow Snyder, Stand’s Regional Organizing Director.

Support Stand as One and our efforts to bring educational equity to all Illinois students.

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