Home Visit Connection

The Home Visit Connection program helps build trusting relationships between families and schools.

Here’s how it works. 

Participation is 100% voluntary for all involved. Each participating teacher forms a home visit team with another school staff member, and both complete Stand’s half-day training session. Next, the teacher invites parents of students on their roster to join. If the parents choose to participate, the team visits that family twice during the school year at mutually convenient times. The teacher and staff member receive stipends. Participants are invited to Stand’s reflection dinner celebrations.

Read this New York Times article, “Pre-K Teachers are Making House Calls. It’s Helping Kids Succeed.” And watch these videos to learn how Chicago teachers are seeing results from Stand’s exciting pre-K to 12 family engagement strategy.

“By the time I did the first two home visits, they were all excited to have us in their space and meet their families, meet their pets, and see their toys…all the things that make up who they are.” – Caitlin Stone, Preschool Teacher

“I think building a relationship with students and their families is arguably way more important than academics. You can’t get to the academics until you build the relationship first.” – Desirae Ranberg, Teacher

“After the home visits, I felt a greater need to connect to the parents…Our conversations were a lot different, it was more family than it was teacher-parent.” – Sandra Major, Head Start Teacher

“Without that contact, that probably would have taken longer to provide that baby services.” – Yazmin White Mitchell, Case Manager


The Home Visit Connection demonstrates the power of organizing. Organizing is a way to purposefully bring groups of people together and empower them to create change.

Parents on the South Side of Chicago were looking for ways to transform their children's schools into safer, thriving environments. They teamed up with Stand Illinois on several initiatives such as the development of Stand as One (now one of our centerpiece family-engagement programs), and they took a close look at a home-visit program developed by educators and Stand Texas. The Chicago parents were so taken by the way the Texas relationship-building home visits were transforming school culture that they recommended it be brought to Chicago.

In 2018, Stand Illinois piloted home visits with teachers and parents in the South Shore, Bronzeville, and Chatham neighborhoods. The pilot was so well received that the Home Visit Connection is now expanding to additional neighborhood schools and families.

Support the Home Visit Connection and Stand's efforts to bring educational equity to all Illinois students.

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