Connection Conversations

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What is a Connection Conversation?

  • A proactive, intentional engagement of a family to jumpstart or strengthen the teacher/family partnership.
  • A voluntary, scheduled videocall lasting 30 minutes between the classroom teacher and parents or caregivers. The student may also participate.
  • An opportunity for educators to collaborate and support one another.
  • Now open for Q2 of the 2020-21 School Year for CPS pre-K to 8 teachers with a classroom roster.
  • Stipends are paid for the training and each visit. (Example: four visits earns a $250 stipend.)
  • Designed with the CPS Five-Year Vision, especially the CPS Equity Framework, in mind.

The Payoff

  • Face-to-face visits (even virtual ones) build connection, empathy, and trust.
  • Teachers and families learn from one another to help form stronger teacher/family partnerships.
  • Meaningful family engagement accelerates student achievement.

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