Connection Conversations

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What is a Connection Conversation?

  • A proactive, intentional engagement of a family to jumpstart or strengthen the teacher/family partnership.
  • A voluntary, scheduled videocall lasting 30 minutes between the classroom teacher and parents or caregivers. The student may also participate.
  • An opportunity for educators to collaborate and support one another.
  • Now open for Q2 of the 2020-21 School Year for CPS pre-K to 8 teachers with a classroom roster.
  • Register today and select the virtual training session that works for you. As soon as you finish the training, you can start your Connection Conversations. Last day to register and get trained is December 3. Last day to do a Connection Conversation is February 7.
  • Stipends are paid for the training and each visit. (Example: four visits earns a $250 stipend.)
  • Designed with the CPS Five-Year Vision, especially the CPS Equity Framework, in mind.

The Payoff

  • Face-to-face visits (even virtual ones) build connection, empathy, and trust.
  • Teachers and families learn from one another to help form stronger teacher/family partnerships.
  • Meaningful family engagement accelerates student achievement.

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