Teach Kindness

Teach Kindness is a program of Stand for Children and its partners, launched to make schools across the country safer, thriving learning environments for all children. Using best-in-class social-emotional learning activities to teach kids to practice kindness on a regular basis, they become more aware of their emotions and more compassionate in their words, actions, and reactions.

Research demonstrates that schools which intentionally and systematically teach kindness enhance students’ sense of safety, support, and acceptance. As a result, more students succeed in school and in life. Learn what the research says.

Teach Kindness is a unique collaboration among leading education organizations, distinguished teachers, and acclaimed researchers. By participating in Teach Kindness, educators gain access to research-based classroom lessons, free of charge, to make their school a kinder, more welcoming environment for students.

As their children’s first teachers, parents also have a role in teaching kindness. We provide tips and tools for families to make a game plan for kindness.

In Illinois, Stand offers a unique summer partnership to schools and educators called Ready for Kindness. This professional development program brings educators together to participate in small group projects to get to the essence of kindness and how to teach it to their students in the upcoming school year. They game plan individual ways to bring the Teach Kindness program to their schools and implement it in their own school communities, regardless of in-person, hybrid, or remote learning systems. The pandemic has shown us how important social emotional learning supports are for students. Ready for Kindness ensures educators are prepared to offer those SEL opportunities starting on the first day of school.

Illinois is also proud to be home of the 2019 National Teach Kindness Champion, Wagoner Elementary School. Wagoner’s principal, Dr. Sharon Nepote, believes that “Every school across the nation should take an opportunity to take the Teach Kindness challenge. They will see a dramatic and positive difference in their school setting.”

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Learn more about this unique program and get your school registered at weteachkindness.org.

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