Register to Vote, Then Vote

Voting is one of the ways we can change the world: we can support candidates who fight for educational equity, and we can oust those who fail to stand up for children.

The first step is registering to vote. Check your voter registration status with Illinois Board of Elections (or if you’re outside of Illinois, check here.)

If you are not registered to vote, register today. Do it now, before you forget. If registering online doesn’t work for you, call us at 312.626.2596 or email us at We will help you get a paper registration form.

You can also find your elected officials here.

Be sure to check with your local board of elections for any local races that may occur on other dates.

Learn more about how the bipartisan Stand for Children IL PAC supports state and local candidates who make a significant difference in education policy for Illinois students and opposes candidates who stand in the way of educational equity for children.

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