Your Voice Matters: Chicago Students First!

Chicago Public Schools, Civic Action, Legislation | 05/04/2021

Mimi Rodman
Executive Director

If there’s been one issue dominating the education discussion here in Illinois lately, an elected school board in Chicago is it. And based on our conversations with parents across the city and legislators from across the state, I know another thing that is true: folks want to see a negotiated compromise in this debate.

Not only that, but they want a solution for an elected Chicago school board structure that puts students first and on which all sides can agree. I couldn’t agree more.

I hope you’ll join us and tell your legislators that putting our students first must be their first priority.

Today, Stand launched a large, statewide multi-media campaign integrating TV, digital, mail, and telephone programs (check out our TV ad on this page). The time is ripe, because right now, lawmakers in Springfield are debating multiple proposals—none of which are an agreed upon solution—to reform the Chicago School Board. The results will impact the way Chicago Public Schools operate for years to come.

They need to take the best ideas from both sides and find a compromise solution that puts Chicago students’ best interests first, ahead of politics.

CPS is now a national leader in urban education. In the new board structure, parents and teachers need a seat at the table to help take the system next level. They deserve a board structure that is accountable to taxpayers and reflects the rich, diverse tapestry of Chicago.

I hope you’ll join us by telling Springfield: when it comes to reforming the Chicago School Board, our students must be the top priority.

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