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Equitable Funding | 11/12/2019

Aimee Galvin
Policy & Government Affairs Manager

The General Assembly has returned to Springfield for the second of two weeks of the fall veto session.

A few weeks ago, we touched base with you during the first week of veto session, urging you to contact your legislators and tell them to prioritize a real, sustainable plan to reach full funding in the upcoming session next year.

Will you join me today and tell your legislators to fully fund Illinois schools?

This is the final week of scheduled session for 2019. Let’s wrap up their week with a chorus of messages to legislators asking them to prioritize education funding next session.

The recent investments made in the new school funding system have helped stabilize finances for many districts. That’s a good start, but without greater investment in the new formula, we continue to leave 85% of Illinois’ students attending underfunded schools. We must overcome decades of underfunding and structural inequities.

My colleague Jessica said this a few weeks ago, but it bears repeating: at the current rate of funding, a kindergarten student today will graduate high school before Illinois has a fully funded formula. That’s not right. We must do more.

Will you ask your legislators to boost funding to the formula?

We started laying the groundwork for full funding two weeks ago. We must continue that work today. Illinois students can’t afford to wait any longer.

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