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Elections | 02/06/2019

Scott McDonald
Marketing & Communications Director

Scott manages the public-facing aspects of Stand Illinois’ work across several platforms and multiple audiences.

Stand for Children wants all Chicagoans – especially education advocates like you – to make their voices heard in the upcoming mayoral election.

What education priorities do you want our next mayor to champion?

Every Chicago student should have the opportunity to get a high-quality education. Unfortunately, too many kids are left behind due to underfunded, struggling schools.

So we’re calling on the mayoral candidates to support fully funding Chicago schools.

Fully funded schools will improve graduation rates and produce a skilled workforce. Quality public schools will lift up our neighborhoods.

By voting for a candidate who supports fully funding Chicago Public Schools, you help create a brighter future for our students and for our city. Every Chicago student deserves that chance.

Are we on the same page?

P.S. Election Day in Chicago (Feb. 26) will be here before you know it. Make your plan to vote.

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