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Elections, High School Success | 02/15/2019

Krystal Burns
Stand for Children Member

Krystal is a Chicago parent and education advocate.

I’m not sure who Chicago’s next mayor will be. But I do know the next mayor must invest in programs that will prepare our students for good-paying jobs.

Join me in making sure the mayoral candidates understand all Chicago kids deserve to see a path for their futures. Add your name to our open letter to candidates.

My kids – and all Chicago students – deserve the opportunity to learn the skills needed to work in thriving fields across Illinois. Plus, our state economy has serious shortages of skilled workers for jobs that pay $35 an hour or more.

They need their public schools to set them up for success in the 21st Century workforce to support Chicago’s economy. They need hope and a vision. They need your support.

Send a message to Chicago’s next mayor by signing our open letter.

By adding your name, you’ll be standing with Chicago parents like me and all CPS families who want key investments made in vocational and technical classes that will help boost our graduation rate and keep our kids engaged in school and prepared for a promising future.

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