What Will You Do Today?

About Us, Civic Action, Family & Educator Partnerships | 01/18/2021

Tommorrow Snyder
Regional Organizing Director

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is always a day of reflection and action for me. That’s especially true this year, with so much chaos and division around us: the continuing pandemic, political violence, racial injustice.

Growing up, his legacy of nonviolent action and community building were embedded in the DNA of my home. With parents who are community activists and educators, it was baked into my daily life from the beginning. I’ve worked hard to carry that legacy forward with my own daughter, making it a foundational part of our home.

To commemorate today, I reflected on the lasting impression Dr. King has made on my life. I hope you’ll listen.

His work touched on education, racial equality, and collective action – issues central to Stand’s work and me personally. The thing about Dr. King’s legacy is that it’s universal and personal. Everyone can find something to make central in their own life.

I feel so blessed by that legacy because the work I do here at Stand is work I would be doing on my own, regardless of where I work. Working the polls on election day. Advocating for better schools. Building community and bringing people together to make improvements.

I was doing these things before I arrived at Stand. I’ll be doing these things for the rest of my life.

Every day you can do something to bring more justice to this nation and this world.

What will you do today?

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