Scott McDonald
Marketing & Communications Director

Scott manages communications and marketing strategy and implementation for the Illinois team.

It’s hard for me to be upset anytime I think about Mr. Hatfield. He was my high school history teacher and made me look at the world in a totally different way. His classes focused on the global sweep of history while still managing to bring it down to the ground level and how real people were impacted by massive events. His classes always made me laugh and think, a great combo.

I’m sure you have similar memories with at least one teacher you had in your life. It’s teachers like them and Mr. Hatfield who elevate the profession and make the world a better place for our students.

As we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, celebrate those memories with a gift in their honor to Stand for Children.

Stand works hand-in-hand with teachers and families to ensure students get the education they deserve. Having strong partnerships in the classroom is essential, but we can’t do that work without the generosity of supporters like you, Scott.

I’ll be making a tax-deductible gift today in honor of Mr. Hatfield. Will you join me?

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