We Fixed It. Now We Need to Fund It.

Equitable Funding, Legislation | 05/29/2018

Mimi Rodman
Executive Director

Mimi stands for children by leading strategy development and mission delivery for Stand Illinois.

Our elected officials in Springfield came together last summer and supported a smarter, fairer school funding formula. This puts us on the road to equity and adequacy for school funding in our state.

But the job is not done, and time is running out. Springfield supported a fix to our school formula. Now we need them to fund it.

The new funding formula puts more dollars in classrooms that need it. As a result, more students in districts up and down Illinois have a shot at a better education.

Our school funding formula is a step in the right direction. Now we need Springfield to finish the job and vote for a budget that fully funds the new formula before session ends on Thursday. Tell your representative to keep going and finish the job.

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