Time to Take a Stand

Elections | 02/25/2019

Scott McDonald
Marketing & Communications Director

Scott manages the public-facing aspects of Stand Illinois’ work across several platforms and multiple audiences.

We’re nearly there, friends. In just one day, Chicago will go to the polls to vote for mayor and several other municipal offices. Now’s the time to make your voice heard.

Your vote is incredibly powerful. Voting gets you a seat at the table. Voting adds your voice to the debate. Voting shows you’re invested in our city’s future. That’s why you need to vote.

If you’ve already voted, that’s great! If not, you still have time to vote early at these locations.

Waiting until Tuesday? Look up your correct polling location here.

Once you have your voting plan in place, tell your friends and family to make their plans too. It’s so important for us all to join together and make our voices heard. That’s the best way to ensure the education issues we care about get the attention they deserve.

At Stand, we show up, we speak up, we reach out, and we vote.

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