Thanks, Senator Durbin!

Civic Action, Legislation | 06/30/2020

Aimee Galvin
Policy & Government Affairs Manager

DACA stood an important legal test a few weeks ago, providing some much-needed certainty – however temporary that may be – to people here in Illinois and across the country.

One leader who has played a huge role in DACA policy for years is our own Senator Dick Durbin. He’s worked tirelessly to ensure DREAMers are protected from deportation from the only country they have ever known.

Let’s join together and tell Sen. Durbin: Thanks for standing up for DACA and the teachers, students, and community leaders who rely on it.

Sen. Durbin has been a champion for the 700,000 young immigrants protected by DACA. His leadership is something to be celebrated here in Illinois, and I appreciate you standing with us to say thanks.

Take a second before the holiday weekend to thank a DACA champion.

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