Tell Congress to Support Teachers

Educators, Legislation | 07/24/2019

Mimi Rodman
Executive Director

Mimi stands for children by leading strategy development and mission delivery for Stand Illinois.

We send our kids to school every day and depend on teachers to educate and care for them. In the worst moments of our lives, we depend on first responders to show up and save the day. Public servants sacrifice so much to enrich our lives — here's an opportunity to pay them back.

Congress has introduced a bill to reform the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. Email your representative now and tell them educators and public servants deserve student loan debt relief!

Right now, too many teachers are leaving the classroom for better-paying professions just so they can afford to provide for their families and cover loan payments. It's creating a nationwide teacher shortage and puts the education of our children at risk.

We owe it to our public servants to expand the loan forgiveness program and finally give educators, first responders, social workers, and others who are paid modestly -- in comparison to the grand sacrifices they make -- the opportunity to climb out of debt.

Email your representative now to stand up for teachers and public servants!

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