Caitlin Stone
CPS Neighborhood School Teacher

Caitlin is a pre-K teacher at a Chicago neighborhood school.

Today marks the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week. I love looking back and remembering some of my favorite teachers. I also love appreciating the experiences I have now that make me a better teacher.

Recently, I had the chance to visit the homes of a few of my pre-K students. This voluntary program was really impactful for me and my students; it gave me a fuller picture of my students’ lives.

The home life and school experiences. The “seen and unseen.” These all create the whole child. And these visits allowed me to connect those two worlds and experiences. That allowed me to be a better teacher and to teach the whole child.

What do you remember about your favorite teacher? Share your story and we might highlight some throughout May, Teacher Appreciation Month.

I’ve been impacted by a number of incredible teachers. If I can be even half as impactful as they were, I’d consider my career a good one.

Programs like the Home Visit Project give me more tools to be a better teacher. I’m hopeful other teachers get similar experiences to build relational trust with their students’ families. I’m a better teacher, and I can tell my students enjoyed the visits by how much they talk about it with their classmates.

What was an impactful moment you had with a teacher? Honor them by sharing the story as we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

Together, let’s celebrate great teachers all year long.

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