Support the Smallest Chicagoans

Current Events & News, Early Childhood Education, Elections | 03/01/2019

Aimee Galvin
Policy & Government Affairs Manager

Aimee provides policy/legislative analysis for key topics and works to champion policy that puts students first.

Congrats on making it through Round 1 of the mayoral election! Chicago now has two candidates for mayor, and the city has a historic decision to make.

But before we make that choice, there is one issue we can all agree on: making key investments to boost access to quality early learning programs.

Stand for the smallest Chicagoans. Stand for high-quality early education programs.

Research continually shows that a child’s brain develops most dramatically during the first five years of life. We need a mayor who will support Chicago schools to give more kids under age five access to high-quality early learning.

Expanding access to early learning opportunities will not only benefit our children, but it will also benefit the city for years to come.

Are you with us? Sign the open letter to show your support for reaching more children with quality early learning programs.

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