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Equitable Funding, Fair Tax, Legislation | 05/24/2019

Jessica Handy
Government Affairs Director

Jessica advocates at the state capitol for fair school funding and equitable education policies.

One week. That’s how long we have until state lawmakers close the spring legislative session and return to their districts for summer. But before they head home, we need them to act on a host of pressing issues. Chief among them: Adopting the fair tax plan.

Illinois has an inequitable tax system and inequitably funded schools. The fair tax would help fix both.

Before the holiday weekend, take one minute to urge your representative to pass the fair tax now.

The fair tax would provide solid funding for Illinois schools, which remain $7 billion underfunded. It’s vital for our state’s public education system to have a sustainable revenue source if we expect to compete economically with neighboring states and the rest of the country. The fair tax provides that.

Working together, we can fix this issue impacting our schools, and we can secure the sustainable revenue that is vital for adequate school funding.

Tell Springfield to stand up for Illinois schools and pass the fair tax now.

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