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Early Childhood Literacy, Family & Educator Partnerships | 07/24/2019

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It doesn’t seem possible that we have nearly reached August, but next week brings a new month and thoughts of back to school start creeping into parents’ and students’ minds. But before the school bells ring, there is still plenty of summer left to continue summer learning and reading!

Earlier this summer we asked Illinoisans to share with us their number one tip for summer reading success. We received a number of replies, but these stand out for their thoughtfulness and inspiration.

Nikki highlighted the importance of reading for fun, but also setting aside time for your children to find books and subjects that interest them. “Give them the time and space to become curious about all genres – celebrating choices that pair high-interest topics with a bit of challenge and their independent reading level…Don’t forget about your reading exploration, too! When kids see you nature your love of reading, media literacy, and writing, they will have a greater appreciation of the power of lifelong learning, which will, in turn, support their love of literacy.”

Her last reminder? “Remember to celebrate small wins and have FUN!” That’s something we should all keep in mind when reading, but especially over the summer.

Maureen’s tip focused on the local library: “Getting them their own library cards, and including weekly visits to the library. Making it a priority, a pleasure, like gong for ice cream or playing or swimming.”

Keith also shared his thoughts, urging parents to allow children “to pick up comic books, newspaper articles, magazines. Let them look at the pictures and tell you about them. Let your child’s imagination soar to new heights and levels.” He noted the importance of making diverse reading materials accessible. That is a great step to having a child who loves to read.

Lynn suggested to help children “pick out books they (and you) know they’ll enjoy!”

Susan’s best tip echoed Nikki, suggesting caregivers set a good example: “If their parents/caregivers read, the children will read.”

Claudia suggested parents start reading at an early age: “Start reading to your kids when they’re babies, and read every night before bed!”

Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas and tips for summer reading. Didn’t get a chance to share your best summer reading tip? Share it now, and we may highlight our favorites before school starts!

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