Relationships Matter. Build Them for Others.

Connection Conversations, Educators, Family & Educator Partnerships | 12/01/2020

Tommorrow Snyder
Regional Organizing Director

This year has put so many things into perspective for me. I value my health and safety even more than before, and I value my relationships with friends and family so much more, too.

Relationships matter, especially in a year like this and especially among families and teachers during these times when school is online. At a time when so much feels so out of control, there is something we can do to support stronger teacher-parent partnerships, the foundation for supporting the education of our future leaders.

Connection Conversations is a program of Stand for Children Illinois that builds and strengthens relationships between families and teachers even when we cannot meet in person. Decades of research show that gains in student achievement are possible when parents support students’ learning in the home. The strongest partnerships between schools and families are not based just on the number of parent-teacher conferences or volunteers, but on deeper collaboration with parents.

The program begins with an equity-focused training which challenges the assumptions all of us have which sometimes get in the way of building the strongest of relationships. Then, teachers invite parents of their students to have a Connection Conversation with them. Participation is voluntary, and teachers are stipended. Read more about the program here.

Today, on Giving Tuesday, make it possible for a family and teacher to build a strong partnership.

These may be uncertain times, but I am certain about this. Relationships matter. Join us.

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