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Elections | 11/07/2018

Mimi Rodman
Executive Director

Mimi stands for children by leading strategy development and mission delivery for Stand Illinois.

We did it, friends. Together, with education advocates across the state, we helped elect education champions who will fight for a high-quality, relevant education for all Illinois students.

Last night, Stand-endorsed candidates had a great showing at the polls. In such politically polarized times, it’s important to remember that education champions are on both sides of the aisle – and we supported both Democrats and Republicans in the General Assembly who will put students and equitable public education first.

As of now, it appears that 21 of 26 Stand-endorsed candidates won their elections.

That list includes:

Illinois Senate:

Rep. Laura Fine (9th District)
Sen. Tom Cullerton (23rd District)
Sen. Dan McConchie (26th District)
Sen. Don DeWitte (33rd District)
Sen. Andy Manar (48th District)
Rachelle Aud Crowe (56th District)

Illinois House:

Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz (17th District)
Rep. Rob Martwick (19th District)
Rep. Margo McDermed (37th District)
Rep. Anna Moeller (43rd District)
Rep. Fred Crespo (44th District)
Rep. Deb Conroy (46th District)
Rep. Michelle Mussman (56th District)
Daniel Didech (59th District)
Rep. Sam Yingling (62nd District)
Rep. Joe Sosnowski (69th District)
Rep. Stephanie Kifowit (84th District)
Rep. John Connor (85th District)
Rep. Avery Bourne (95th District)
Rep. Mark Batinick (97th District)
Rep. Natalie Manley (98th District)

Last night we proved once again what we can accomplish together. We congratulate these individuals and Governor-elect JB Pritzker on their victories. 

Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and stand together to do the hard work of improving public education for Illinois kids.

I look forward to standing with you.


(Paid for by Stand for Children IL PAC)

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