No Child Should Fear Going to School

Elections | 03/06/2019

Tommorrow Snyder

Tommorrow leads Stand’s family engagement and community organizing in Chicago.

When I send my daughter off to school each day, I want to know that she’s safe. It’s what every parent hopes for, and it’s what every child deserves.

But that’s not the reality for all Chicago students. Some are scared to walk to and from school, or dread going because of the bullying and harassment they’ll face when they get there. No child should live in fear like this.

The next mayor needs to invest in programs to keep our schools safe so our kids can be taught from a young age how to deal with their emotions and handle conflict in a way that doesn’t lead to violence.

These skills – just like English or math – need to be taught. Yet too many CPS students aren’t getting this vital social-emotional learning instruction. With your help, that will change.

Add your name if you believe the next mayor should fully fund our schools so that they’re strong, safe places that lift up neighborhoods.

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