More Difficult Than It Needs to Be

Civic Action, Legislation, Members in Action | 04/18/2020

Kimberly Payton
Stand Fellow

When my children’s schools closed last month, I knew things were going to be hard. My own work slowed down, so with everyone at home all the time, access to the internet became more important than ever.

The problem is, we don’t have Wi-Fi. We do have cell phones, which my kids are using to do their schoolwork, and a mobile hotspot. Even still, the connection is slow, and my children are forced to take turns so we don’t go over data limits. That keeps them disconnected from their learning for long stretches at a time.

I’m afraid they might fall behind during this health crisis simply because they don’t have a reliable internet connection at home.

We need to tell our lawmakers that all students need access to the internet to immediately continue their learning. Just a few clicks is all it takes to send a message.

We’ve got to do better. Being able to continue learning during the COVID-19 pandemic shouldn’t be a privilege only some families can afford – it’s a right for all kids, including mine. We can’t let something as simple as internet connectivity, in the year 2020, hold them back.

Take action today to help all students get access to broadband and technology at home.

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