Let's Secure the Future

Elections, High School Success | 02/21/2019

Mimi Rodman
Executive Director

Mimi stands for children by leading strategy development and mission delivery for Stand Illinois.

Yesterday, Governor Pritzker gave his first budget address, laying out his priorities for how to fund our state government. This is a pivotal point every year that marks the start of the state’s budget negotiations. If you’ve seen anything in the news recently, you know Illinois continues to face a tough budget picture.

But that doesn’t mean we stop focusing on the priorities we know will help secure Illinois’ future. And Gov. Pritzker’s proposal shows that public education funding will be a high priority for his administration.

His budget proposal includes $375 million more for the Evidence-Based school funding formula. He also proposed adding new funding for career and technical education – funding that our state hasn’t increased in years. There is also a boost in funding for MAP grants to help with college costs for students across the state.

Let’s stand together and ask our legislators to move forward with these budget requests that move our state forward.

We understand the budget difficulties facing Illinois, but we must continue building the momentum our state has created since enacting a more equitable school funding formula. Amid the tough choices the state faces, prioritizing school funding sets the right tone for the new administration and the start of budget negotiation season. 

Are you with us? Then call on legislators to fund these education priorities for all Illinois students.

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