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Equitable Funding | 05/12/2021

Scott McDonald
Marketing & Communications Director

Last week, we got some good news when Gov. JB Pritzker announced his support for investing an additional $350 million into the Evidence-Based Funding formula. His move shows our elected leaders are pulling in the same direction.

But we can’t celebrate yet. For one thing, we still need the General Assembly to pass a budget with those funds tapped for education. For another, we can’t ignore the funding needs across the education continuum – from birth through college.

And that’s where you come in. Can I count on you to email your legislators and urge them to invest $350 million in new education funding?

Increased funding from the State is crucial to closing the gap to fully fund our schools. It helps give districts certainty when planning for the future and builds a strong foundation for the years ahead.

We are thankful that Illinois schools will receive an influx of federal funds to help support re-opening plans and learning loss, but we can’t rely on one-time funding to build the strong funding foundation that schools really need. We must stick to the plan.

Tell your legislators that schools need sustainable funding that they can build on. Ask them to invest $350 million in Evidence-Based Funding.

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