The Job's Not Done

Legislation, Equitable Funding | 05/24/2018

Kayla Valenti
Policy & Advocacy Fellow

Kayla, a former teacher, works on policy and advocacy issues. She is also active in Stand's Policy Fellowship.

Part of being a teacher is providing students with positive feedback while pushing them to continue to excel. Allow me to do the same in a different arena – school funding.

Attention everyone, I have good news! Last summer, Illinois fixed its broken school funding formula!

But that doesn’t mean the job is done. Far from it. Now we need to keep going and tell our state representatives to finish the job by fully funding our schools.

The new funding formula is smarter and fairer and means real change for local schools with new dollars going to schools in your area.

Now we need Springfield to finish the job and vote for a budget that fully funds our schools. Visit the Illinois Action Center today to reach out to your representative.

The new formula is good news for Illinois students, but we still have room to improve so that all Illinois students have a fair shot at prosperity through a quality education.

Class dismissed.

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