Don't Let It Happen

Civic Action, Equitable Funding | 05/19/2020

Scott McDonald
Marketing & Communications Director

Tomorrow, lawmakers return to Springfield to finalize the State budget. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, education funding could be on the chopping block.

Tell your elected officials: no cuts to education funding!

Before the novel coronavirus infiltrated Illinois and ignited a crisis, things were looking up in our state.

Thanks to our equitable education funding formula, money was finally flowing to schools and students that need it most. Districts began to modernize curriculum and hire more teachers. Sorely needed technology upgrades were happening.

Then came the pandemic.

As economic activity in Illinois grinds to a standstill, the State’s tax revenue has taken a massive hit.

So, lawmakers could be considering funding cuts – possibly to education – to help stabilize the budget when they return to Springfield.

If funding is slashed, the progress we have made will be reversed. Students and teachers will suffer.

Don't let it happen.

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