COVID-19 Resources for Families and Students

Family & Educator Partnerships | 03/21/2020

Tommorrow Snyder
Regional Organizing Director

Updated April 17 to include internet access resources.

The normal routines of daily life for most of us have come to a screeching halt as our state aims to combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). For me, that means doing my best to work from home and staying on top of my daughter, a high school student, to continue learning while schools are closed. It’s a delicate balance, but one that I know plenty of other Illinois parents are experiencing, too.

So I thought it would be helpful to parents and families like mine if we pulled together a list of resources that may be helpful in a challenging and uncertain time like this. If you know of other resources that have proven useful for you this week, please, share them with us! If we see other helpful tools we will absolutely keep this page up-to-date.

I hope you and your family are and remain healthy. Before digging into these resources, it’s probably best that we all wash our hands!

  • Stand pulled together a number of internet access resources for families looking for hotspots, low-cost options, or other internet options.
  • SpringFour helps connect community members with services and assistance in their community, including information on child care, access to food, and more. Stand made this resource available during this time of uncertainty; click the link and then click "Get Started" on the next page to begin your search.
  • FASTalk is an evidence-based tool that sparks dialogue between teachers, parents, and students about daily classroom learning. Families receive weekly curriculum-aligned activities sent via text to their cell phone.
  • To help communities and families obtain important online resources while students are out of school, Comcast is offering qualifying students and families 60 days of free internet through its Comcast Internet Essentials program.
  • The American Federation of Teachers created a page with creative virtual learning activities and resources to help students while schools are closed.
  • Khan Academy is always a vital online educational resource, perhaps now more than ever. Check out their resources and share them with your networks.
  • The folks at Learning Heroes made a short video for families that describes how to make learning fun for kids who are not in school.
  • Great Schools’ Home Learning Guide aims to help families engage with their kids and provide at-home learning experiences.
  • Just as important as classroom experiences is physical activities for students. The Aspen Institute pulled together suggestions and guidance for families and students to keep active.
  • Some of the top museums in the world are offering free online tours and exhibits.
  • Looking for something for children ages 4-8 to do? There are many episodes of Molly of Denali and online games and activities are available as well.
  • Eureka Math offers online resources for math, English language, and science, broken down by grade level.

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